Hindsight is a wonderful thing, as much as we can help when things do go wrong, we can also advise on a plan before any failures eventuate. Additionally we can provide to business clients a complete disaster management plan and policy to ensure mission critical data is protected and easily recovered in the case of a complete system failure.

Business Backup Solutions

We can help with a complete Server and mission critical document backup and recovery solution. We can also integrate archive backups in case file have been corrupted or user’s have made changes that need be un-done from previous versions. We can also advise and implement a complete disaster management policy for various scenarios that can happen in a business production environment. We can offer complete solutions from on site backups, large off site backups that we can rotate ourselves, and also cloud backups for maximum flexibility and protection.

Apple Backup Solutions

Many of our customers are still not sure of the advantages of the Apple Time Machine backup solution. Additionally there are a number of ways you can manage and utilise Time Machine backup discs. We can help setup backup via WiFi when on certain networks, backup over VPN or other virtual networks, cloud backup, and also using Time Machine protocols to backup to a networked file server.

Windows PC Backup

We see many recovery services that would have been averted if a proper Windows backup solution had been implemented. We can advise on what software would be appropriate to your back up needs, the types of solutions that can be provided, and how to utilise the latest technologies to give you peace of mind. With a proper Windows backup solution, even with a complete system failure, we can get you back up and running in a short amount of time. Additionally we can advise on data access for when you are away from your PC and need access to certain files and documents.

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