Just because you deleted that important file or formatted your hard drive doesn’t mean your data is lost forever. We can undelete and restore deleted files from many different scenarios including Apple Mac and Windows Systems, external hard drives, and USB flash drives.

Undelete Data & Deleted File Restore

Usually when a file has been deleted, it is best to not use the system and seek recovery services as soon as possible; this will maximise the chances of a successful recovery. Even when a drive has been completed formatted (depending on the type of format performed) we can usually recover most of the data.

After Data Recovery

Once we have provided data recovery there can be a few different formats the data will be in. For a total success recovery we will be able to recover all data in the exact same format and structure as before the data loss event. For a Windows or Mac system this means all of your data, programs, and configuration will be salvaged so your system will be back to it’s system state before the crash. For a partial recovery we will be able to recover most of the data in the correct structure. If it is a Windows or Mac system we may need to first re install the operating system then transfer the data to the new install. If the recovery is less then ideal where the drive is damaged or the data has been corrupted we will try to recover as much data as possible even if it isn’t in the original structure. This will still enable you to use the data and view your important data.

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