Are you looking for a hard drive upgrade to your desktop computer, laptop, Apple Mac, or Server? We can assist with upgrades to larger volume drive, RAID redundant arrays (for increased data protection), solid state drives (SSD), and also partition and general hard drive upgrades. Additionally we can assist with all data transfer and migration from your current hard drive to the replacement unit(s). Advantages of our upgrade paths include

  • Warranty on all hard drive upgrade
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • New technologies including latest SSD products
  • All Apple Macbook, iMac, and Mac Pro upgrades
  • Upgrade from single to multi drive RAID arrays
  • Performance hard drive upgrades
  • Full data migration to replacement unit(s)
  • Additional RAM and graphics upgrade packages available

We can also help with general system upgrades including RAM and graphics card and discount packages apply. Contact us  Contact page for full location and contact details including opening times.