Needing a new data backup solution, our new client (for privacy name withheld) needed a solution for full onsite recovery options, but also cloud backup.

Due to the amount of data and daily changes, a full cloud backup solution was deemed un economical. Instead we implemented our industry leading Storage Craft / Shadow Protect Windows Server backup with incremental backups set for every 2 hours. This would allow for a full server recovery in the event of a major crash from only a few hours before. As well we activated Shadow Copies on the shared drives so previous versions of data can easily be recovered by users in case of accidental file edits and copy overs.

For cloud backup we agreed on the most live (changing) data and added this to the cloud backup. This was also set to run in real time and up to 15 copies of each file are saved to the cloud.

For the data that is changed very rarely such as their archived customer data, we managed 2 sets of up backup drives with one always being kept off site and an additional one rotated daily into a fire proof safe on premises.

As a final last backup option, we used Windows own internal backup to perform a nightly backup with a drive that stays permanently connected as an additional backup and restore option.

Not just implementing these data backup options, we also provided a monthly SLA for backup management with error reporting and resolution to us. Our SLA also includes all license fees above in one convenient monthly invoice and works out cheaper than purchasing each of the software requirements and cloud storage separately.

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