With the advent of the SSD (solid state drive) new recovery techniques have had to evolve. The rate of client enquiries for SSD recovery jobs has increase greatly over the first half of 2011 and continues to increase. We have can typically recover data from SSD drives depending on the exact nature of the fault and reason for the data loss event. Replacing SSD drives can be a bit tricky as unlike normal SATA drives, you have to ensure the SSD drive will be compatible with the computer. Usually getting the exact part number as the original drive will save issues if you need to replace an SSD drive. We can replace damaged SSD drives can get your computer up and running as quick as possible and if need be can continue to work on the data recovery from the old drive. Give our data recovery techs a call 7 days on (02) 9037-5556 and let us know how we can help with your SSD recovery needs, questions, and general advice.

SSD Data Recovery Repairs
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