Looking at the new Windows 8 and some interesting news regarding the Microsoft Certified 64-bit hard ware that will be released. Apparently the new hard ware will use UEFI as opposed to normal BIOS POST methods and will require any operating system loaded to be signed and trusted by Microsoft. This is supposed to reduce the risks of risk ware and root kits self installing though the more obvious reason is to give Microsoft more control over what operating systems can be run on their signed hardware. No doubt there will be a back lash amongst the technical fields as even Apple allow additional Operating systems to be installed on their systems. Additionally, there will likely be a cost involved by manufacturers to have their hardware signed and verified by Microsoft, which will as always filter to the end user. Microsoft as tried a number of ways to prevent spy ware and other threats being installed but has always come at the expense of the end user with the annoying pop ups from User Control prevalent in Vista, and watered down and more manageable in Windows 7. Also Microsoft has been pushing it’s Defender and Security Essentials packages in updates however these seems to not be as full featured as proper security software and only give some users a false feeling of protection. Using hardware as a security agent is a good idea, but the implementation will always prove it’s worth, and to use this as a shield to prevent users installing Operating Systems they know themselves to be trusted i.e. Linux etc. is only going to add to the voices of Microsoft doing this as more of a business protection plan than a care of the end user.

Windows 8 Security For Dual Boot

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